Tip Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we are going to have "TIP TUESDAY" so that you are better
familiar with the Venom Juice products and how they will fit into your
racing program.  Follow us on Facebook to keep up with Tip Tuesdays and much more.

"TIP TUESDAY" Session #1

This weeks topic is going to be on.....
Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Pink and Black.

We chose these two blends because of the Hot outside temperatures and Dry racing surfaces, this time of year.

The Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant "PINK" will serve as a great @ the
Track pre-race wipe, and also a weekly stimulant to achieve the
designated durometer and a good base to get maximum grip.....

The Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant "BLACK" will be the stimulant that will
achieve the most grip, without durometer drop @ all. We recommend this
to be used @ the track wipe, and is best when heat is applied during a
Night Time setting. ( 0 - Moderate amounts of Moisture weather/surface).

As the weather and season transitions into hot and low moisture
content, we have seen with all brands of Tyres that seasoned and cured
tires are peak performers.

End of May-August Maxxis Pink/Blue - 2-6 weeks cure after scuffing.

End of June-August Burris 33A / 55A 6-9 months cure after cutting
and scuffing. (Hard Surfaces / High Track Temp.) "THIN TIRES" .030
End of June-August Burris 33A / 55A - 4-8 week cure after cutting / or scuffing. (Saturday Night)
End of May-August Vega Yellow / Red 2-4 week cure after cutting /or scuffing. (Saturday Night)

Venom "PINK" use.......

Apply on Mon-Wed, approx. 3 times daily drying between coats, letting cure until Saturday.
This Blend will need a cure-time of 24-48 hrs.

Tyre will have a Dry bite - feel and will last through a whole race day program. (Day / Night).

Great as Pre-Race Wipe on EL's. Wipe and Go !!!!!

Internal use of "PINK Stimulant" will drop durometer 2-4 pts. per
30 cc. Venom "PINK" mixes with most/all other internal preps but
recommend 50/50 w/ Venom Green Internal Stimulant for hot summer days.

Maxxis Pink/Blue - 30-75cc
Burris 33A 0-30cc
Burris 55A 0-75cc

Venom "BLACK" Tyre Stimulant use......

Applying Venom "BLACK" during a race-day @ the track will keep the tyre achieving maximum bite without softening.

Weekly use of Venom "Black" can create more natural bite on the
tyre surface, but will tend to sit on top as applied more than 5 coats.

Venom "Black" is great pre-heat race, qualifying wipe to get grip and laptime, in the short run.
****Not Recommended for Internal Stimulant****

Mixing Venom Juice "Pink and Black" 50/50% is probably my favorite and cutting with rapid curing agent @ your discretion.

By using these 2 blends in a straight setting and also mixed with a
rapid curing mix (Lambert Clear / Acrysol) to "Cured Out" tires will
keep your program consistent and winning.

I hope this gives
you a little better understanding of the Venom "PINK and BLACK'
Stimulants, cured out tyres will give you max performance out of Venom
Juice Tyre Stimulant, or any other Preps.

During the HOT Summer days and nights.

Thank You for the Support!!!!!

Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant "TIP TUESDAY" Session #2

week we are going to touch on the EL Brand Maxxis Tyres and what Venom
Juice products we recommend to keep your program consistent and
performing every week.

We have had numerous phone calls over the past week concerning these "Hard Base" polyester/polyethylene constructed tyres.

Venom Juice has 3 Stimulants that will assist you and "EL" program.
These 3 stimulants are among the most popular in the Karting industry as
well as Motorsports in general.

The Venom "Invisible", is the
Internal stimulant to help these very unique compounded tyre have the
grip that they naturally do not have. The Venom "Invisible" blend, gives
the tyre the efficient oils that will not decrease the Sidewall rate of
this very "low spring rate carcass" and keep the tyre from sealing up
due to heat. We feel that this internal stimulant makes the tyre have
more life-span and grip.

The Venom "Red" is a Red Hot tool to
have in your racing arsenal. This very potent stimulant is to be applied
1-6 coats depending on track surface, and let cure for 5-7 days.
(Longer the better performance).
The Venom "Red" blend aids in tire
re-fire after cautions, and gives you consistent grip throughout the
race-day/night. This stimulant will not soften the tyre, but you will
acquire mega grip as it cures.

Both of these Stimulants are the "Industry Leading" Dirt Late Model, Sprint Cars, Drag Cars, and Modified tyre stimulants.

Just think about the Excessive Heat and Loads that these guys have, and it performs and wins each and every week.......

Venom "Pink" is the Wipe and go stimulant for these hard base tyres.
This mild/dry stimulant will give the tire initial fire and the
necessary grip on the out-lap. We do not recommend using this blend
during the week, just as a pre-race wipe. The Venom "Pink" is also a
great carrier stimulant for the "Invisible"(high viscosity) when
internally rolling more than 90cc. (50/50%)

Kevin Bishop Racing
Development / Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant, believe in cutting the Maxxis
"EL" Brand tyres due to excessive weight, and heat build/transfer
causing the tyre sidewall to fail prematurely.

This is our recommendations on this topic and Internal Stimulant amount......

Night time / Mid-Low Grip / Moisture/Cooler Temp. - .085 cut rolled internally 100-120cc Venom "Invisible / Pink" 50/50

Night time / Mid-High Grip/ Low Moisture/ Moderate Temp. - .060 cut rolled internally 50-80cc Venom "Invisible"

Day time / Mid- Low Grip / No Moisture/ Dusty surface/Moderate High
Temp. - .060 cut rolled internally 40-70cc Venom "Invisible"

Day time / Mid-High Grip/ No Moisture/ Sealed Surface - .035-.050 cut rolled internally 25-60cc Venom "Invisible"

***Internally Roll Tyres @ 70 degrees +/20. 10 psi. RS / 5 psi. LS**** 48 hrs. minimum.****

Apply Venom "Red" 1-6 times depending on the track/surface you are
competing on. After tire is ran in competition, repeat 50% the following
week. You will figure out the process that best provides you

*** Note****
The Surface of the Tyre needs to be very sealed and smooth, after cut. This will give the tyre peak grip and performance.

Only a few tyre guys in the Industry believe in cutting the "EL" Brand
tyres. This is due to the time it takes to prepare a great set of

As stated in the above post, sidewall failure is the
reason of these tyres failing and loosing the side bite. The typical
solvent based preps breaks the sidewall down and will cause it to fail
quicker than Venom Juice or the equivalent style stimulants.

Whatever your budget allows, we think that after 7-10 races the failure process begins.

This is only Kevin Bishop Racing Development / Venom Juice Tyre
Stimulant opinion on these Tyres, and yes many other brand preps perform
on these tyres as well.

This "TIP TUESDAY" is to give racers
more knowledge of the Venom Juice products, and we hope that it helps
anyone achieve their racing goals, Venom Juice Customer or not.

"TIP TUESDAY" Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Session #3

This week we are going to discuss the Venom "BLUE" and Venom "GREEN".

These 2 Venom products are very popular among the "Saturday Night Warrior".

The Venom "BLUE" is an @ the track wipe, when moisture is on the track
surface, and humidity is high. Those hot days and cool nights this
stimulant will give you the necessary grip you are needing.

Venom "BLUE" will drop durometer 5-15 pts. depending on coats applied.
Using this stimulant, gives the tyre a wetter feel, but when ran gives
magnificent grip.

Venom "Blue" could be used during the week for
a deeper stimulation.(Lots of Moisture) This blend needs a cure time
min. of 72 hrs. if applied more than 6 coats.

This stimulant can
be cut with a rapid curing agent, on those sealed/ low dust/ low-med
moisture track surfaces. This will ensure curing/drying faster.

The most popular mix is the Venom "Blue" and Venom "Black" 50/50 Pre-Race Wipe.

Venom "Blue" is a Medium-High aggression stimulant. DO NOT OVER USE!!!!

Venom "Green" is our Internal stimulant for most/all karting tyres.
This advanced internal blend will not dry out tire and has very potent
bite agents. This stimulant will pro-long life of the tyre and aid in
the tyre not sealing up due to excessive heat.

Recommend Internal rolling 30-120cc in 1/2 increments.@ 70 +/20 degrees. Durometer drop 3 pts. per 30cc.

This blend also aids in keeping durometer consistent over the
life-span of the tyre. Venom "Green" takes 48-72 hrs. completely come
through tyre. We recommend at least this long before putting tyre in
competition. (Longer = Better)

Venom "GREEN" is a Med-High aggression internal stimulant that stays!!!!!!

These days we have been cutting the Venom "Green" with rapid curing
agent. (Lambert Clear/Acrysol). This will assist this stimulant to come
through tyre quicker and lower the aggression of the stimulant. Use your
own discretion for cutting.

This product can be mixed with
other Harsh, solvent based preps that completely dry tyre out.

Venom "Green" can be used
externally when the temps are 50 degrees and below. When Venom "Green"
is applied on the exterior, the tyre will have a tacky/sticky dry feel.
This blend will lower durometer moderately if used externally.

Over the past several weeks, we have been racing in very high temps, and
the track surfaces are dry/sealed/dusty, and for the most part great
bite. During my conversations with many racers, the cured tyre
discussion comes up.

ex: Maxxis Pink / Blues Internal rolled 75ccRS/LF 30ccLR 6-8 week scuffs.

I cannot express how important the cured tyre method is to all brands
of tyres, with the High August temperatures. You will get better results
during these days/nights with a tyre starting out 5-8 pts. harder on
the durometer and put the surface bite to the tyre with whatever prep u
prefer. IMO this applies to track surfaces with low-med bite as well,
due to the outside temp being hot and humid.

KBRD/Venom Juice
has a very busy schedule over the next several weeks, we look forward to
the challenges that this sport creates for us week in and week out. If
we can assist you in any way feel free to PM, here or contact us through
Social media. Always remember "There is no stupid question".

Hope this session assist you and we will continue to provide info on
Venom Juice products and experiences that we think will assist you and
your racing adventure.

"TIP TUESDAY" Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Session #4

This week we are going to discuss Qualifying, and what Venom Juice products will get you upfront in the short run.

This topic is very popular among all racers and I have discussed this
over the past several weeks with many of you. I have always said if you
qualify in the top 6 you can race hard and compete, but any position
worse than that, usually takes a really good kart/tyres, and lots of
racing luck.

The Stimulant applied is very important, but air
pressure and tyre temp is also a very important tool, when qualifying
and heat racing. Lets dig into this a little more.

Over our
years of racing Pavement/Dirt Karts and Race-cars, air pressure and
manipulating the air pressure with combining the temp of tyre and track
surface really gains you those valuable .001.

We recommend
setting the air pressure in the tyre, right before you are hitting the
track for last practice session. After the session, check the pressures
and see where they landed, and we suggest starting the air pressure
there for the beginning of qualifying/heat race. We all tend to run a
.5/1.0 psi. split, at this point you can manipulate the pressures to
whichever tyre is building the most, so that during the longer runs, the
pressures will stabilize evenly. Most of the time we see about a .3-.7
difference, depending on what the track surface is like and how the kart
is balanced.

During day races on those sealed/med-hard biting
tracks, where wiping a tyre is minimal, we recommend the Venom"Black".
This stimulant will give the tyre a very grippy feel, without softening.
Applying Venom "Black" 1-2 light coats, will aid in the necessary bite
you are looking for in the short run.
For Night events with the
track is same conditions, Venom "Black" and Venom "Blue" applied the
same will help tyre to fire. (Light Coat) Tyre will have a wetter feel.
We recommend tyre warmers / heating the tyre to get the bite agents activated with this stimulant.

We recommend applying 10-15 mins before session, and warming the tyre 1-3 minutes before.

Day races low-med bite, we recommend the Venom "Black" and if the
track surface has moisture, adding 20 % Venom "Soak" or a more
aggressive prep "GoatPee" will help you get the necessary grip to fire
the tyre in the short run. 1-2 light wipes.

Night Races low-med
bite lots of moisture, The Venom "Blue" with 50% Venom "Soak" and/or
more aggressive preps 20% "Goatpee" aid in getting you the grip in the
shorter run.

We recommend applying 3-5 mins before session, using little/no heat @ your discretion.
Tyres do not have to be completely dry before session. Little wetness is Ok.

Anytime Goat pee is used the tyre will of course tend to get softer, and if too much is applied the tyre will be damaged.

Some of the harder biting track surfaces, where little to no wiping is
necessary, heating the tyres and applying a light coat of Lambert
Clear/Acrysol will also aid in the grip/bite needed in the shorter run.

This is the opinion of KBRD/Venom Juice and we think that these
scenarios will assist you in better qualifying/short runs, on Venom
Juice Brand or not. Most of the Racers will use own judgment for their
tracks and conditions. Good Luck.

"TIP TUESDAY" Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Session #5

This week
in Session #5 of Venom Juice "Tip Tuesday" we would like to discuss
Tyre maintenance, and cleaning. Cleaning your tyres and keeping them
wearing even will get more life and better performance.

Cleaning is a very important of keeping your tyres on the razors edge of
performance. We suggest cleaning tyres with Track Tac Tyre wash w/drt
and water after each session on-track.
Scrubbing the tyres with a scrub-sponge and removing all dirt and debris that has filled the tyres pores.

Dry tyre with a clean towel, until completely dry.

When tyres are not cleaned properly and still have dirt down inside
the tyre prohibits the future preparation and may cause the tyre to not
perform up to max capabilities.

Tyres are very much like your
skin, the pores in the rubber/tyre will fill up with dirt and the we
usually add a stimulant, that cannot penetrate due to tyre not being

Most of us take a bath daily, your tyres deserve the same treatment after being dirty.

Flipping tyres on the wheel (changing rotation) is a very good tool to add to the tyre maintenance of your racing program.

Over the years, with the karts using and abusing the RF/LR more than
ever makes this process a must. Most tyres will act the same, but there
is some instances that the tyre and tyre sidewall may act different.

We usually suggest flipping our tyres every 30-40 laps depending on
the tyre/track surface. We suggest not letting the tyre alter shape by
wear (Reduction of corner). Rotating the tyre on the wheel insures you
to get the "Bang for your Buck$$$" deserved and keeping tyre uniform.

We also keep our tyres resurfaced weekly, We feel this removes the
prep fuzz, and keeps the tyre with a fresh contact patch. Resurfacing
tyres will keep the stimulant/prep applied going deeper and utilizing it
as intended.

Wash after resurfacing, to remove rubber dust and clean out the pores.

As stated before, if these tips help and assist one racer, we have
done what is intended,a Venom Juice / KBRD Customer or not. All of these
tips are through my eyes only and we hope it helps.

In closing,
many of the chassis companies are setting their eyes on the 2015 racing
season. I have had a chance to watch and check-out many of these
chassis and their performances on-track. With that said, If you are in
search of a chassis, go with a chassis company with a broad range of
depth and knowledge of all kart tracks in the country. Some of the
chassis may cost less and some may cost more, but at the end of the day
its all about winning and results no matter the cost, not just putting a
product on the market, just too sell something.

Thank You for the overwhelming support over the past month.
and we look forward to the next several weeks of racing.

"TIP TUESDAY" Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Session #6

This weeks "TIP TUESDAY" is going to be on preparing tyres for cooler weather racing, with Venom Juice Tyre Stimulants.

As the Fall season arrives we will suggest rolling tyres a lil heavier and applying more to the tyres externally.

On the Maxxis Ht3 tyres, we have been rolling / scuffing and letting
tyres sit for 4-6 weeks(or longer), these coming weeks we will get
fresher on the age 2-4 weeks and internal roll more on the inside.

We suggest when using Venom Products, on the heavier Internal roll,
roll 50% for 24 hrs. then add the other 50%. This insures the sidewall
not to be saturated, and become weaker and also most important change
the circumference/stance of the Tyre.

External prepping for the
cooler months will alter a lil. as well. We suggest as the shops and
weather gets cooler, tracks surface gets cooler, to apply Venom
stimulant the same as summer, but with some heat(Tyre Warmers) to get
the stimulant deeper and give tyres more bite.

***Note: Rolling tyres external with Venom Stimulants not recommended*** Wipe***

This applies to most all Brand tyres, The Burris brand will not need
much if any internal rolling, unless you are using the 55 compound, then
we suggest treating like a HT3.

Another topic that has arrived
lately is when a tyre is over prepped. We have all been in these
situations, and usually the tyres tend to slide center/exit of the
corner(No wear to indicated), and causes us to want too prep the tyres
more. Keep up with how and what has been done to the tyre, sometimes the
durometer will mislead us.

We hope that this weeks "TIP" will assist any and all racers.

We will be doing "TIP TUESDAY" every other week, from now on. Thanks
to all of you that enjoy it and Thanks for your support of Venom Juice

"TIP TUESDAY" Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Session #7

Over the past several weeks we have been blessed with tons of tyres
and trying to keep all the TEAM Venom Customer upfront and on the
winning path. I am truly thankful and look forward to keeping this
momentum rolling through the rest of 2014 and into 2015.

Thank all of you 4 cycle vets, that PM myself asking about this thread, that truly means a lot to me.

This "Tip Session" will be about tyre programs for Thanksgiving Thunder.

Over the years during our Thanksgiving week, we have had some great
weather and track conditions. This plays a vital role in what and how
tyres will be prepared for this event.

I am going to base this
"TIP" on the previous few years @ Thanksgiving Thunder event and with a
close eye on the weather, and it being the same I think we can get you
in the ballpark.

JR1-JR2- .035-.050 tyre 4-8 week old scuffed
wore down / or trimmed. We suggest 50-80cc of Venom Green during the day
and 90-120cc for night.

JR3- .045-.065 tyre 3-5 week old scuff
wore down / or trimmed. We suggest 60-80cc Venom Green during the day
and 90-120cc for night.

Adult Clone- .050-.065 2-4 week old scuff. We suggest 50-90cc Venom Green during the day and 80-120cc for night.

Adult Animal- .050-.065 3-6 week old scuff. We suggest 45-90cc Venom Green during the day and 90-120cc for night.

Adult Champ- .045-.055 5-8 week old scuff/trimmed. We suggest 40-60cc Venom Green during the day and 60-90cc for night.

NOTE: New/Fresh Rubber may be the ticket if track is
unsealed/dry-slick rougher surface than typical. Internal Roll will be
the same.

On the Older week scuffs, we suggest applying Venom Pink 2-4 times daily Sun-Tues the week of the event.

MAXXIS EL- cut to .045-.060 30-60cc Venom Invisible for daytime and 50-80cc Venom Invisible for night.

Venom Pink as PRW, approx. 5 min before session.

Venom Red Applied 6-10 coats 7-10 days before event. Tyres scuffed in
"SMOOTH" and re-wiped 3-5 times a minimum of 5 days before event.

PRW suggestion is Venom Black and/or Venom Pink for daytime and for
night time application we suggest Venom Pink, Venom Black, and /or Venom

Venom Pink/Venom Black mixed 50/50% will be my choice for
the entire event. We suggest cutting with Lambert Clear/Acrysol for
faster curing rate and drier application.

2-4 wipes after session on track.

If Venom Black is used Tyre Warmers are a must (IMO) to get the stimulant deeper and last through-out run.

Another topic that we would like to touch on is after internal rolling
in the colder outside temps, the Maxxis 900 tends to want to shrink,
and the circumference will be @/or below 33.750. We highly suggest
making sure that both RS are stretched and maintain 34-34.125.

GKK usually requires a harder/tougher crown surface on tyre. This will
allow you to wipe the surface bite to acquire the grip needed to go fast
and keep kart sitting flat on the very flat racing surface.

These are the suggestions of myself only and being around the track
surface and having good connections over the years with some very fast
pieces at Thunder, I feel that this guide could get a Venom Customer in
the game as well as any racer coming to this Premier Event of our


Again, Thank you for the Blessing with this endeavor and we will touch
on the Indoor Event at Batesville for Next weeks "TIP TUESDAY".

"TIP TUESDAY" Venom Juice Tyre Stimulant Session #8

Last week during session #7 we covered the Thanksgiving Thunder
Event @ GKK, and the response was very positive. THANK YOU!!!! This week
we would like to give our insights on Batesville, MS Indoor Nationals
and other Indoor Events.

Majority of Indoor track surfaces,
require all the Tyre grip that you can possibly get, but on some really
"GOOD and SMOOTH" surfaces may require a harder tyre with tons of bite.
In this,session, we will cover the Venom Stimulants, that we recommend,
on multiple Tyre Brands.

For the Burris 33a Brand we suggest a
.075-.095 Tyre, Round-Semi Round Shape (LR Round), apply Venom Red 6-10
wipes, according to your preference in sets. The Venom Red will need a
cure-time of min. 5 Days before event

NOTE: The more the layers applied will give Extreme Bite.

Batesville is notorious for using the 33a for the Qualifying session,
early on in the event while track surface is still green and moisture is

To fire the Tyre, for the Qualifying session a mixed
application of Venom Products as well as "GoatPee / Krug Green" will
more than likely be necessary. EX:..........

Venom Pink / Goat Pee /or Krug Green 50/50%
Venom Blue/ Goat Pee/ or Krug Green 50/50%
Venom Soak for track surface, becoming black/drier.
Some occasions require the Harsh Blends Straight, with no heat, "GO WET" 1 wipe.

These blends will soften tyre dramatically, and will possibly require more than 1 set for the entire qualifying sessions.
ex: 1 set every 2 classes qualified. Tyres will duro. drop approx. 3-5 pts, per app. (Depending on outside temp).

For your typical Indoor Burris Tyre Rule Event (LIBERTY/DUQUOIN)the
same concept applies, but we recommend backing off the Harsh Preps, and
strictly stick to base preps, unless track is moisture/rough. Little
Heat applied....(Warmers).

***KEEP CLOSE EYE ON DURO*** Too Soft possibly cause kart to enter good, slide from center off corner.

Batesville MS, Indoor, Maxxis/Unilli 900 will require mostly the same preparation in our opinion.

JR1/JR2 - .045-.060 Fresh Tyre 1-3weeks 90-150cc of Venom Green. Apply
Venom Blue approx. 6-12 coats depending on duro. desired at home. Cure
Time of 3-5 days recommended.

Most all other classes will require typically the same type of tyre.

Fresh Tyre 1-3 weeks 80-150cc Internal Venom Green, apply Venom Blue /
or Venom Black approx. 6-12 coats depending on your designated duro.
Cure time of 3-5 days recommended.

***Note*** When Internal Rolling the heavier amounts, 50% for 24-48hrs. add other 50%
***60% Less Internal Roll in Lsides***

NOTE: UNILLI 900 will require less external wipe than HT3.

Venom Black will more than likely be a great choice for the Track-side
application. Venom Blue if Track has a little moisture (early in the
event) and Venom Pink (later in the event, track surface dry). Mixing
Venom Black/Blue is a great mid-range blend that will soften minimal but
give very adequate grip.

While Indoor Racing we recommend Tyre Warmers/Hotbox to penetrate as much stimulant into tyre as possible.

Stagger is also very critical to how the Kart will turn/rotate and
forward drive off corner. We recommend a min. of 34" tyre on RS and a
maximum of 34.250". Tyres that are heavier Internal will shrink, so
"THINK BIG STAGGER" when you are staggering the tyres.

Typical Stagger.....
13/8 Rear
15/8 Front
May vary for your Kart and Program!!!

As I have stated before, this is our opinion and hope that this assist
Venom Customer, as well as any Kart Racer going to these style events
the winter.

We have been blessed with a multiple selection of
tyres going to these events over Thanksgiving Holidays, remember Nov. 21
is deadline to get tyre orders in. This will give the allotted time to
give Venom Customers the Best selection for these events.

Thanks for the Continued Support of Venom Juice / Kevin Bishop Racing Development!!!!