Venom Juice™ Invisible


Application: Internal Stimulant / Stock Car, Sprint, Modifieds.  Maxxis EL Kart Tyres

This controversial blend has been a "Secret Weapon" in stock car racing industry over the past several years.  The stimulant is to be used internally over the past several years.  This stimulant is to be used internally, and will soften the tyre minimally.  The invisible blend keeps the tyre from over-heating, increases tyre durability, while also creating maximum grip to the racing surface.  We recommend 4-8oz rolled internally @ 70 degrees +/20, for 48hrs. with 10psi. in tyre/wheel assembly.  The stimulant will also need a cure time of minimum 150hrs. to get maximum performance and tyre life.

**Circ. x Tread Width/100= Oz. Inside Stimulant.**


Year Released: 2014