Venom Juice™ Red


Application: External Stimulant for Stock Cars, Sprint, Modified   Maxxis EL Tyres

Red is a very powerful and highly effective tyre stimulant, and maximum grip promoter.  The Venom Red has also been controversial in the Stock Car Industry, and is a "Red Hot" tool to have in your racing arsenal.  This blend is to be used as an external stimulant only.  Venom Red will not soften the tyre, while creating the most grip of any Venom Products.  This stimulant aids in tyre re-fire after cautions, and reduces the risk of tyre sealing over due to excessive heat.  We recommend buffing tyre, and also making sure the tyre is very clean. Apply Venom Red 1week/or 150hrs. before tyre is used.  This potent stimulant may need to be applied 1 to 3 times max. depending on the grip you are wanting to acquire. 

This stimulant will definately be your **$$Money Maker$$**.

Year Released: 2014