Venom Juice™ Blue


Application: External Stimulant When Slight Moisture Is Present     Karts and Stock Cars

Blue is an @ track-stimulant.  This blend will drop durometer significantly 5-15pts.  Venom Blue will give the tyre a "wetter" feel that has a lot of grip, and is the perfect stimulant when track surface has moisture and the outside humidity is increased.  Using Venom Blue during the week will have more bite, deeper stimulation, but will require a lengthy cure-time of 72hrs. minimum.  This stimulant mixes with other Venom Products, and also a rapid drying agent.  The Venom Blue Stimulant is ideal for Stock Car tyres without prep rules. (Shop/or Trak)

This blend will drop durometer 3-15pts. cure time then wrapping stock car tyres is recommended. (Dirt/ Or Pavement)

Year Released: 2014