Venom Juice™ Pink


Applcation: Internal/ External Stimulant for Medium to High Bite Track Surface

Pink is a weekly and track-side stimulant.  This blend is  formulated to give the tyre a dry feeling grip, and is great to use on medium to higher bite surfaces with little to no moisture.  The stimulant works very well with Venom Green as an internal stimulate, and Venom Black as an external stimulant.  The Venom Pink will drop durometer 2-7pts. depending on the number of coats applied.  To use Venom Pink as a weekly stimulant we recommend applying to tyre 3 times a day Monday-Wednesday, letting tyre dry completely between coats.   This blend will need a cure-time of no less than 24-48hrs if applied more than 5 coats.  To use this blend as a inside stimulant, we recommend rolling 30-100cc with 10-15psi in tyre/wheel assembly @ 70 degrees +/20 degrees.  This application will also require a 24-48hr. cure-time.

Year Released: 2014