Venom EL" Dominator" KIT


These 3 Stimulants will keep your EL, Tyre program performing and out performing the competition.

Venom "Invisible"   Internal Stimulant to acquire the massive amount of grip that these Hard base tyres need. 
Works in all / most track surfaces.
Will give tyre a longer life-span due to the advanced oils in the stimulant.

Venom "RED"   External Stimulant that give the crown of the tire, the bite agents and grip without drying out like most Solvent Based external Blends. 
 Will Require a 5-7 days cure time. Apply 1-5 times MAX. weekly depending on ammount of grip needed. (Massive Bite Agent)

Venom "PINK"   External Pre-Race wipe.  The Venom "Pink" will get the tyre to fire/re-fire during a race day/night. We suggest wipe and go with this External Stimulant.

KBRD has been working with EL brand tyres for a long time, We suggest cutting them to ......

.030 - High Temperature / High Bite Track.    0-45cc Internal

.065 - Medium Temperature / Medium Grip / Saturday Night Track   45-90cc Internal

.090 - Medium - Low Temperature / Low Grip Moisture / Night Time    75-100cc Internal

$ 137.95 $

SEE VENOM Brochure/User Guide